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St-Jean & Fils Construction

Services and Solutions

Whether your project is just an idea or nearing completion, St-Jean & Fils can assist any step of the way. Our team of professionals can help you with anything from finding an architect, designer, or engineer, to obtaining the necessary municipal permits, applying for government subsidies, and ultimately the construction or renovation of all aspects of your project.

Customer Support and Satisfaction

The St-Jean & Fils team is dedicated to quality and timely service. To ensure customer satisfaction, our project managers constantly review the development of a project with the client and any possible alterations to the architectural plans. In addition, progress reports, flow charts, photos and sub trade scheduling are available for each project, in real-time, on our website. This is to ensure our clients can follow the progress of their projects 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Project Cost Management

At St-Jean & Fils, we understand the importance of remaining within budgetary limits. From the beginning, and throughout the course of execution of every project, our technical support staff works directly with the project’s architects and engineers to reduce costs wherever possible by employing alternative materials or assembly methods. Our team’s focus is to present the highest quality to cost ratio without deviating from budgetary constraints. In addition, our project managers work continuously with our clients to ensure the highest degree of satisfaction and present them with real time cost analysis and project development.

Sustainable Development

In order to reduce our environmental footprint, we look to reuse or recycle all possible material resulting from the demolition or construction of a project. In addition, we work directly with designers and architects, whenever possible, to streamline operations to reduce material waste, increase labour efficiency and consequently reduce the cost of a project.
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